Advanced Topics


As you start to use the development environment, you'll find that there's some advanced techniques you might want to consider. Here's a quick overview.

Upcoming documentation topics

This section will discuss the following sections:

  1. Using multiple widgets (different ones) in the same file.
  2. Using multile data sources in the same widget.
  3. Using multiple web viewers on a layout.
  4. The quirks of the web viewer.

You might already know

If you think about it, the first three topics (documentation coming soon) are fairly straightforward where all the work is done inside FileMaker. If you're using multiple widgets, for example, you need to figure out how to place and extract the code for each different widget. Likewise, if you want to load multiple data sources into the same data table or web viewer, simply figure out how to get different data in.

But don't worry, I'll provide further documentation in this section about these ideas.