The Web Viewer Object



Code from anywhere

The web viewer is an object we can set via a script. It is also a calculation engine. So we can get the code from anywhere using diverse methods.

Storing the code

We can store the code in a field in a table. Stored in this manner, the HTML is accessible from anywhere in the app.

We can also store the code in an extenral host. This requires us to have a process by which we get the code we write up to the host, but once it is there, a URL is all we need to access it.

Accessing the code

If the code is stored in a field, we can use any number of FileMaker techniques to grab the code and set it into the web viewer. One approach is a script that, among other things, gets the code from the table, sets it into a variable, and then places into the web viewer. '

One Web Viewer, multiple integrations

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Handling different modes

Multiple Web Viewers

Other devices

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